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Sertoma exists for the high and noble purpose of SERvice TO MAnkind by communication of thoughts, ideas and concepts to accelerate human progress in health, education, freedom and democracy.

Dry Creek Sertoma is a dedicated group of women with a common goal of providing volunteer time and monetary donations to local charities and organizations to improve the lives of individuals in the community.


Sertoma was founded in 1912 and is the third oldest civic non-profit service organization in the United States.

  • SERvice TO  MAnkind is our motto.

  • Sertomans total about 20,000 members in 700 clubs thoughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.

  • Sertoma's primary sponsorship focus is speech and hearing.

  • Sertoma clubs across North America encourage women and men of all ages and races to join.

  • 501 (c)(3) not for profit service organization


Dry Creek Sertoma chartered on October 29, 1992. The Arapahoe club was 40 years old and believed that women should be in Sertoma clubs.  So, Sam Anderson, Past International President and others invited a number of local women to join together and form Dry Creek.  


  • Personal Growth and development

  • Leadership skills development

  • Lifelong friendship building

  • ​Sharing with worthy organizations

  • Business networking opportunities

A Note From Our President: 


Margaret Wright



While maintaining our sense of fun and friendship we support the national Sertoma focus on speech and hearing, and serve a variety of needs in our own community by donating our time, treasure, and talent.

Each member is encouraged to be on at least one committee.  

We have three affiliates that we support



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