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Our Story

Sertoma was originally formed in 1912 as the Stand Together club. At the first luncheon, they changed the name to the CoOperative Club. In 1950, the name changed to Sertoma at the international convention because the Government objected to Cooperative name since it was not a consumer cooperative. 


In 1992, Arapahoe (the club that built 12 clubs in 12 years) was 40 years old and believed that women should be in Sertoma clubs. So, Sam Anderson, Past International President and others invited a number of local women to join together and form Dry Creek. The club chartered with 42 members. The first major hands-on project was hearing testing of newborns at Littleton Hospital and the 1st major fundraiser was the grilled corn booth at Western Welcome Week.


It's what we do!

Mother's Day bags

Project Linus blankets

Photo Apr 18, 1 02 54 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 6.17.55 PM.png
Photo Dec 08, 2 35 31 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 18, 2 05 49 PM.jpg
Photo May 11, 12 51 51 PM.jpg

IFCS Thanksgiving boxes

Arapahoe Santa Shop Toys

Socialize & Learn

Meetings don't have to be boring!

Photo Jan 03, 8 13 00 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 21, 7 24 33 AM.jpg

But they can get passionate.

We get all kinds of speakers, such

as Captain Jack here.

Fundraisers are great social events,

Photo Jun 08, 12 23 49 PM.jpg

And some are outside.

Photo Mar 03, 7 08 55 PM.jpg

especially the Winter Wonderland auction



8:00 a.m.

1st Wednesday morning at Toast in Littleton,

and ZOOM 3rd Wednesday


at different restaurants at 11:30 a.m.

2nd Friday of each month


Photo Mar 20, 7 34 42 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 08, 12 27 07 PM.jpg


at different member's house

frequently on 4th week of the month

mardi gras.jpg
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