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ABOUT US - Outstanding Award Winners


to our 2021 Service to Mankind Award recipient Kimba Langas. In 2011 Kimba cofounded Free the Girls which provides true freedom for female survivors of sex trafficking in Mozambique, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Mexico.The program involves taking an item (new and/or gently used bras) that women in the United States would willingly give away and work women in the target countries to resell them and begin to rebuild their lives after prostitution. This model provides the women with a journey from hopelessness to economic freedom, a healthy outlook through access to healthcare, emotional support through trauma therapy and psychosocial support, a new opportunity for education, and a hopeful future within their family and community.

Kimbagrew Free the Girls ‘to help those women build their own businesses andreintegrate into their communities.’  To help facilitate the program, Kimba and Free the Girls partnered with organizations in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Costa Rica to encourage, equip, and empower sex trafficking survivors girls and women to have their own business earning a safe income selling bras in their second-hand markets. These partners work closely with the women to transform them by helping with their business, helping them purchase land, and providing a generational impact of women helping others to thrive in their communities. The program is tailored to each woman’s individual needs. 


to our 2021 Sertoma of the Year recipient Lynn Robinson. This industrious lady has spent her life supporting the needs of people with disabilities. She has a MA degree in Special Education from California State University, Northridge directing her professional career toward individuals with special needs. We are lucky to have her and her leadership skills in our club.

In April 2004, Lynn Robinson joined Dry Creek Sertoma as a working representative of our affiliate Easterseals Colorado. This dynamic lady recruited and worked with her replacement as the representative for Easterseals when she retired from being their CEO. She was so involved with Easterseals that she has only held the office of Secretary for Dry Creek Sertoma and the years she has served in this capacity have been since her retirement. Her leadership contributions have long been strengths to our club. She was responsible for devising the sponsorship letter we send to our sponsorships for feedback as to how our donations would be used. This has been very helpful in not only our help with sponsored organizations but in providing outreach information on our website.  Community Outreach is a first and foremost priority for Lynn.  She has worked diligently with the community on behalf of children and adults and their families affected by disability initiating and expanding programs, developing coalitions, and helping to bring the needs of people with disabilities to the forefront in Colorado including the care and support for caregivers and family members

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