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The heart of every Sertoma club is the member. 

The membership committee develops an implementation plan for recruitment and retention of members - including but not limited to training, orientation, and recognition.  

The Membership committee also consist of 3 important sub committees - Awards and Incentives, Lunch Bunch, and Health and Cheer.


The Awards and Incentives committee: 

  • Identifies potential club and individual award recipients

  • Ensures that deadlines for all awards are met 

  • Selects the Service to Mankind honoree, obtaining the information for the write up to be submitted to the District Governor

  • ​Coordinates with the President for selecting and writing the Sertoma of the Year award and the Secretary of the Year award

​The Lunch Bunch group reinforces the support for our affiliates and charities. 

There are members who cannot attend breakfast meetings but who would like the opportunity to meet and greet each other while also participating in charitable activities. Lunch Bunch provides them with that capability at a monthly meeting that is held at designated lunch locations and activity sites. 

​Some activity and/or donations that we currently provide include:

  • Providing and creating a variety of gifts to Doctors Care

  • Providing books and reading to the Village preschoolers

  • ​Supplying food to the Integrated Community Services food bank

  • ​Providing back packs to Operation Homefront

  • ​Assembling Mother's Day gift bags for The Haven ladies

  • Supplying bras and/or money  to Free the Girls

  • ​Providing gift bags to a nursing home.

  • Providing mittens and hats to Lids for Kids​


Members of our clubs belong to the “Sertoma Family,” and the Health and Cheer committee is charged with staying informed about Sertomans and their families. When a member becomes ill or incapacitated, the committee shares the information with the club at a club meeting and sends a “get well” card  

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