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The program committee arranges for interesting, informative, educational or entertaining presentations at our breakfast club meetings. 


Examples of speakers who have presented to us information about their organizations:

  • Kids' Hope USA - relaying what they do to help kids feel loved and valued enabling them to learn, grow, and succeed.

  • ​Doctors' Care - volunteer care coordinator sharing stories on how our work with them has impacted others

  • ​Arapahoe Rescue Patrol - youth sharing their lives and involvement with the rescue patrol

  • Denver Indian Family Resource Center - representative providing us with the history and activities of this non-profit organization


And there's always time to grow or just enjoy each other from:

  • ​Joyocracy - career coach providing us with fun happiness techniques

  • ​Ex chemistry teacher - showing off some great experiments

  • Fellow Serto(wo)man - playing games that increase our knowledge of each other; learning more about our club; listening to and working with other club, district, or national members 

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